Good VPN's Vs Honeypots VPN's | Find Out Easily!

BEST VPN: from the owner of fe 18acc (shop of stolen credit card), we can be secure they don’t keep logs! XD… and they offer us the multi vpn option… so that’s good. the owner is wellknow for hacking, and carding… also in this case we can be sure the owner doesn’t keep logs. the owner ran thepiratebay, i tell all. they run all in RAM… so is impossible to keep logs, but remember to pay with anonymous mode (xmr…) they don’t keep logs, based in romania. they don’t send info’s to FBI, run by italian owners.

BAD VPN: so all ask w h y ? because the vpn was hacked a lot of times, and i don’t trust it… also, they allow paypal for receive payments. based in uk… they keep logs. they tell they don’t keep logs… but… read here .

Hotspot Shield: they simply keep logs. run by hotspot.

Happy learning!