Glitch | The Complete Stream Package ⭐

Fans of clean designs, sci-fi nerds, and live streamers unite! We’ve created this full stream package to celebrate the technologies we love. With a sci-fi influence and minimalist execution this stream package is perfect for streamers needing a professional understated look, but high-end details.

What’s included with my downloads?

Glitch Full Stream Package

  • Includes all items in the Alert and Overlay Package

Glitch Alert Package

  • Animated designs for Streamlabs and StreamElements + 1-click setup link
  • Supports Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook and Mixer
  • Customize text fields and colors with built in controls in Streamlabs and StreamElements
  • Watch the demo video!
  • New update – Custom sounds now included

Glitch Overlay Package

  • Event list – Custom designed with options included
  • Preset and modular animated overlay elements
  • Includes .overlay file for Streamlabs OBS
  • Includes one-click setup link for StreamElements
  • Panel Designs (PSD included) + Icon Sets
  • Screen Designs (Starting, Be Right Back, Ending and Intermission – available in English only)
  • Add ANY background of your choosing to your screen designs
  • Glitched Scene Transitions – Stingers
  • View the Overlay setup video guide

Glitch Free Extras

  • Chat box widget design


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(Backup as many as you can, don’t be cheap, save the file to give it extra life)


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