[Giveaway] Tracktion Waveform 10 Free License – Contemporary Music Production Software!-1


Waveform is a rapidly evolving application specifically designed for the needs of modern music producers. Specializing in creative and inspirational workflows and avoiding features not explicitly needed allow the app to remain surprisingly fun and intuitive. While other apps try to appeal to broad user groups, for example film score, live sound, performance – we are laser focused on music production.

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How to get

Go to the promo page and create your Tracktion account to get Waveform 10 for Free.


  • Unleash Your Creativity
  • Actions Panel
  • Edit Groups
  • Performance & Stability
  • 4OSC
  • Auto-Tune
  • Melodyne
  • Elastique Pro
  • Drum sampler
  • Subtractive
  • Artisan Collection
  • Multi-Sampler instrument
  • Composition Tools.



I installed this one and it is good. thanks bro

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I seriously Loved it Buddy!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Thank You Buddy for such a lovely post :innocent: May God Bless You!

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Thank you so much.
I get a free licence easily

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