[Giveaway] Todoist premium for 2 MONTHS!

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Get it fast and stay productive :grin:


Thanks for the share.
Slight correction:

The first link gives you 2 months premium. And clicking the second after first gives you an error “can’t be applied to a premium account”.
Clicking only the second link solely gives you 2 months and not 4 months.

Kindly update the post :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting, that’s really great, I’m impressed, Enjoy the reward & title, I’m sure you probably love it, check your notification tab :blush:


please use this link as a referral.

Get free todoist premium for two months if you sign up with
this link
If you already have an account and want to take advantage, you could delete account from:

Or you could just use another account.

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By “Premium” it means “Pro” right? Or is there a “Premium” option?

Yes, by premium I meant pro.

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