[Giveaway] Sublime Text License Key - One Of the Best Code Editors

Worked on linux as well :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Tested on Ubuntu 18.04

Note: The hosts file is located in /etc/ dir.

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After adding the license keys and following all the procedures of disabling updates and editing the host file after some time the the license is revoked? Is anyone else facing the same issue?

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Hi @Tanmay_Bhanushali, If thats happening then the hosts file was not edited properly. Because if it is then your computer should not be able to connect to sublime text license servers to verify and thus show you that license revoked error message. Cheers!

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Thank you GoT_Riddles .I get it done, Thank you very much, it works now :slight_smile:

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This really works like a charm!

Thanks a lot for sharing license key with us.

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Hello, you need to run notepad as an admin, if not notepad can’t save your configuration… hope it helps, thanks

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WORKS! Thank you ! @BadFella

1 Like there’s no place like this don’t waste time using sublime text editor Better USE VSCode Editor

Thanks mate :100:


Hey where is the host file? where do we have to add the ip addresses?

One more key is as follows (Windows) [Linux method is mentioned below]

Unlimited User License
0C0CD4A8 CAA317D9 CCABD1AC 434C984C
7E4A0B13 77893C3E DD0A5BA1 B2EB721C
4BAAB4C4 9B96437D 14EB743E 7DB55D9C
7CA26EE2 67C3B4EC 29B2C65A 88D90C59
CB6CCBA5 7DE6177B C02C2826 8C9A21B0
6AB1A5B6 20B09EA2 01C979BD 29670B19
92DC6D90 6E365849 4AB84739 5B4C3EA1
048CC1D0 9748ED54 CAC9D585 90CAD815

one more (Tested on Build 4123):

Mifeng User
Single User License
C0DAA9CD 6BE825B5 FF935692 1750523A
EDF59D3F A3BD6C96 F8D33866 3F1CCCEA
1C25BE4D 25B1C4CC 5110C20E 5246CC42
D232C83B C99CCC42 0E32890C B6CBF018
B1D4C178 2F9DDB16 ABAA74E5 95304BEF
9D0CCFA9 8AF8F8E2 1E0A955E 4771A576
50737C65 325B6C32 817DCB83 A7394DFA
27B7E747 736A1198 B3865734 0B434AA5

For Linux:

sudo sed -i ‘s/\x80\x78\x05\x00\x0f\x94\xc1/\xc6\x40\x05\x01\x48\x85\xc9/g’ /opt/sublime_text/sublime_text