[Giveaway] Rezi The Resume Builder (348$ Value)

You spend hours tweaking your resume, only for it to end up lost in the black hole of Applicant Tracking Systems.

It’s time to ditch the one-size-fits-all CV and the never-ending cycle of applying, LinkedIn stalking, and crying gently to yourself.

You need a tool that’ll push your resume to the front of the line for each unique job posting. Rezi to the rescue.

*Unlimited resume builder

*Unlimited cover letter builder

*PDF downloads

*Docx downloads

*Google Docs

*A.I. keyword targeting

*Real-time content analysis

*Standard format

*Rezi alternative format

The Resume Rebuilders


Thanks! Great share. Worked perfectly.

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pretty DOPE !, and not just the rezi software bit , appsumo itself is pretty awesome cool share thanks<3


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Update: original post’s appsumo link is working too
Rezi The Resume Builder ( Lifetime Subscription )

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