[Giveaway] RecMaster Screen Recorder Free License Codes

Somehow, this RecMaster screen recorder was throwing a giveaway on the website. I got a few license codes. I used one of them. But I still have some. Share them with you in case you guys may need.

Notice, I am not responsible for these codes. I can’t offer any support if you can’t activate them. Good Luck.

One more thing, I am using this software and think it is pretty easy to operate. I strongly recommend it to you.


Update on 3/24/2020: as @Mantanterindah saying all the codes have been used, I have deleted all of them from the post. So there won’t be any registration in vain. I may try to find more codes on the internet but I can not guarantee.


Updated on 3/25/2020: I digged some websites and forums. and I found five more codes. You guys can have a try and let me know if they works. It seems this software is promoting giveaway on many websites lately.


BTW,if you really need a screen recorder, you can also google this software and find any giveaway license codes yourself.

I really like its task schedule recording feature. I can leave off my computer and record some streaming videos.


Thanks for the generous sharing. I got the pro account successfully. :cowboy_hat_face:


You are welcome :grin:

all license key reach the limit of use

Thanks for letting me know. I will update the post.

Thanks for your instant sharing, I’ve sucessfully installed the Pro version

late for me

Same here. I am also getting the same problem.

If so, I am afraid that all of the codes have been registered by other ones. It is hard to find more as the giveaways ended on those websites. If there is a new giveaway from this software. I will try to get some more to share.

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I sent you a code I just found. You can have it a try and let me know if it works.

Even I’m damn late, if you got any more registration codes available please do send them. I tried searching on the web but went in vain.

you can go to this page and get the code, I have successfully got one working code for myself.

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thank you so much @uliarizki.

Thanks . it worked.

I’m sorry to hear that but I don’t know what to do as I just got a free code from @komerson . Maybe you can tell the problem to @komerson to get effective solutions.

Not working anymore.

As so many people PM me asking for codes, but I just found a few ones. So I can’t send everyone with a code. I will post them with this post as I can’t edit my original post. You guys can have a try. If they can’t activate the software, let me know. I will delete them.

Free codes:


I got a key and it’s working.

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