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oMega Commander Innovative, convenient, fast, feature-packed File Manager, with a unique, powerful and, at the same time, familiar and easy to use interface, designed for all users

oMega Commander is the world’s coolest file manager, and it is more than a file manager.

oMega Commander supports all standard operations, typical for file managers or File Explorer, such as copy, move, delete. In addition, oMega offers unique features and operations, such as built-in powerful editor / viewer, secure deletion, fast splitting / joining of files, free space monitoring system, feedback function. Archive function automates and adds new features that are not available in File Explorer and other programs. The search function allows you to remove the unwanted results on the go, search in encrypted archives and much more.

oMega Commander also supports 4K user interface, one and two-panels mode, working with mobile devices, operation queue, group and sequential renaming, OS integration, custom hotkeys.

Another special feature of the program is the handy and convenient interface, allowing easy customization to suit individual user preferences on what to display, choose comfortable font sizes, or a color scheme for files highlighting.

oMega Commander is primarily intended for those who own from many to lots of programs, and have to manage extensive directory structures. oMega has been designed specifically to serve as a control center for your computers, helping you running multiple applications and maintaining smooth collaboration between them.

This was made possible thanks to the unique and powerful ribbon interface, and such features as multi-window interface, file bookmarks, Hot List, Flat View, quick search in lists, multiple types of instant filtration and files selection, history of files and folders, folder tabs, tree pane.

oMega Commander was created to make your job easier and more efficient.
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Use 10 min mail for reg, and here is result in case no need to reg:

Name: [email protected]

License: F6A32A4AABE6EB2BD8FB0946 52D0F0E00A781BD59BED94A8 631B170B5A4EB3B246CF5F5A F96B60F24C28437A0A39D15A ABB1F79967AFC2130A022EE3 7708048E6E1116C4CA7311B3 028D0C080B2F513BCCCFD66E AB6AB92EC3ABFAA8BA704419 2407BA55803EDF062ADE667D 88FDB313BBB88B43C3B52E5E B24C51625414BE69B5926A38

Link (base64encode):


I’ve checked with VirusTotal at pic below


Update v3.0.47
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  • Download Link - oMega Commander 3.0 Portable

  • Install and activate it with the license key you received in your email. To register oMega Commander, click the ‘House’ icon button in the top left corner, then click ‘Register oMega’.

Note: In the ‘NAME’ field you should enter your EMAIL, not your name, otherwise the key won’t work.