[Giveaway] Moz Account Pro 1 Month Free

1- Open Moz.com
2-Click on Try Moz for free sign up with details you can use temp mail too
3- for credit card open namso-gen.com
use this BIN number 527253
Generate and copy paste
4- you can use this information below
Country USA , New York
Zip code :10080
Address: Dock Yark
adress: Civil Area
5- done


Gonna try this tomorrow. Moz has some amazing tools which will definitely help the SEO.

Thank you for sharing.


Thanks it s working bro :wink:

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Thank you so much

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Can I use the same method for semrush, ahref etc? did someone try?

No , it won’t work .

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Sadly, the answer is no. I too thought the same but Semrush or Ahrefs will try to verify your card first by processing/debiting a small amount. Even if you’re lucky to create a trial account using bin, the account will most probably get suspended within few minutes.

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No, You can’t use it for Semrush!

Still working as of Feb 1, 2021

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Great… Its working…
I am searching new trick for skillshare… How to get premium account for 2 months. No bins are working… If you have any recent 2021 trick that has been working since last week please let me know…