[Giveaway] Mockplus Cloud | 6 Month License


With a simple drag-and-drop, make interactive prototypes of desktop, mobile and web apps in a faster way. Popup panels and more advanced components make interaction easier than ever.

he interaction design in Mockplus is totally visualized. That’s WYSIWYG. With a simple drag-and-drop, one can build interactive prototypes effortlessly. A set of pre-designed components, including Pop-up Panel, Stack Panel,Scroll Box, SlidingDrawer and Image Carousel enable you create fully interactions fasterand easier.

Mockplus comes with more than 3,000 icons and nearly 200 components. Just drag these components into the canvas for a combination to prototype your app ideas within few minutes. Focus on design itself and no more efforts will be spent on making a component.

Scan the generated QR code to preview prototypes on the native device instantly. No USB cable required. Publish the project to cloud and you will get a shareable web link, which can be sent to co-workers & clients. It also supports exporting to HTML offline.

Just focus on design itself rather than the tool. You can get started easily without the risk of falling into the tool’s slave by investing a lot of time and money on learning and training. With Mockplus, you don’t need to worry about programming knowledge any more, let alone coding.

Get your serial key:

Register your account on Mockplus

Go to Mockplus

Enter the License key: mockplus-hr (Expired)
New License key: mockplus-hr09 (Working, given by @Vincent_Xia)
Serial number: giveawayclub (Working, given by @Hamilton_Gabriel)

Download product from Mockplus user account.



Great! It worked. Thanks alot.

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Thank you@sam it’s imagine.

Serial Number:


Thanks for the post SaM, unfortunately, the License key: mockplus-hr isn’t valid. However thanks to Hamilton_Gabriel the Serial Number worked thanks.

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thanks, working well

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Hello Friends!

We noticed that the previous code has expired.

Here is the updated coupon code of Mockplus 3-month free trial giveaway: mockplus-hr09


Thank you so much

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Thank you captain @SaM for update
Thank you @Hamilton_Gabriel

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Is it possible to export the design for the mobile application I’m exporting?

Thank you @SaM and @Vincent_Xia
Worked like a charm…

New Key Working: UIXDesigner


Giveaway SOS Link: HERE
(6-month license)

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a 5-computer 6-month license, for commercial or noncommercial use
  • You get free updates for six months
  • You get free tech support
  • You must redeem the giveaway activation code before this offer has ended

Note: It is a giveaway software activate ASAP before it ends.


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Step 1. Click HERE to create a new Mockplus account

Note: You must create a new Mockplus account to take advantage of this giveaway. It will not work for existing accounts.

Step 2. To upgrade Mockplus Cloud to the Pro version, you should visit the upgrade page, then enter the Mockplus Cloud coupon code to redeem the code. Use the below code:



  • This is a 6-month license for 5 PCs, for commercial or noncommercial use
  • For the new accounts
  • Free updates for six months
  • Free tech support
  • You must redeem the giveaway activation code before this offer has ended

ENJOY! :heart: