[Giveaway] Maltego Pro and course for Free

Maltego is giving all their products with special discount of 100% for this Christmas and course for Free.

For Maltego Pro subscription (cc required)

Visit above link and what all you want and apply this coupon code

For Maltego free course (without cc)

Maltego Advanced Course

Maltego Foundations Course


Keep Incrementing numbers of voucher till it works, with each user course . voucher number will increments

For example used code is maltegobasics_a-s00003644 then next voucher code will be maltegobasics_a-s00003645

Thanks, use it before it’s expired.


CC is required even for courses

Courses Coupon is not working

If you need course visit the link without cc. And apply the coupon I am not sure which iteration is going on.
I have the proof for these.

Courses coupons not working, how you did that

When I used it was maltegobasics_a-s00003645

So you have add 1 at end so it becames maltegobasics_a-s00003645.

Since many people know about this. They might have used it already you have to keep on incrementinf until you coupon works.

Thanks a Lot! This coupon works - maltego_courses@Christmas
Use this BIN to get the courses (dont know why but doesnt work on Pro) - 52922045022

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where to access the courses? when I go to dashboard there isn’t any? even though I bought the Maltego Advanced Course and Maltego Foundations Course already using this method? Please help thanks in advance!