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I really appreciate this share.

Very nice share, good for every level

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Some really good stuff in there, very professional, highly recommended. JetBrains know their shit. Thanks a bunch for that one.


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Nice Share bro we all liked it

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Some additional informations from JetBrains: Into SaM’s Topic

Is JetBrains Academy now under an Early Access Program (EAP)?

JetBrains Academy is currently in the early stages of development. While in early access, the use of JetBrains Academy tools is free of charge. You expressly acknowledge that you may encounter errors and the software/service may not work as intended. Any use of the EAP is at your own risk.

Do I need a license for JetBrains Academy?

While in EAP, JetBrains Academy tools are totally free of charge. We will keep you posted as we start implementing licensing options. Free options (such as a trial period) will be available after license release.

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Great Buddy @dydx

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thanks a lot it is a good one ever found

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