[Giveaway] Hotspot Shield VPN Premium | Lifetime License

Hotspot Shield VPN Premium is a fast, secure and private VPN service from Hotspot Shield. By connecting to one of more than 3,200 VPN servers in 80+ countries (including 35+ cities around the world), you can access all your favorite content easily. This application supports all devices that you have, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome browser, TV and Router.

Key Features:

  • Global internet access: 3200+ servers in 80+ countries around the world
  • Access to favorite streaming content such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitch, Hulu,…
  • Unlimited bandwidth: browse and stream all you want without any limitations, you never have to stop
  • Patended Hydra protocol: it delivers a consistent VPN connection
  • Military-grade encryption: blocks 57 million malware and phishing sites a day
  • Privacy policy: they don’t record your VPN browsing history activity in any way

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Smart TV, Routers, Chrome

How to get the Hotspot Shield VPN Premium license for free?

Step 1. Connect VPN to Ukraine!

Go to the GIVEAWAY PAGE then create a new account for free:

Step 2. Check your mailbox to confirm your email. Log in to Hotspot Shield Account info you can see your subscription as below

Step 3. Download and install the Hotspot Shield app on your devices and enjoy it!

Your subscription will continue to be extended past the 30 days according to HotSpot Shield until the Ukrainian war is over.

  • This is a limited lifetime license in Ukraine
  • Non-commercial usage
  • You get free updates and tech support

Enjoy! :heart:


1) Go to AmanVPN Website (This is a free VPN that will give us a Ukraine IP Address) => AmanVPN ( for the copy paste people https://amanvpn.com/ )

  1. Download it on iOS, Android, Windows or MacOS install it and change the IP Address to Ukraine

3) Go to this link to retrieve the Hotspot Shield Premium Offer (for the copy paste people https://hotspotshield.aura.com/sign-up )

4) Sign up with any Email account


5) After login go to Account infos and enjoy your PREMIUM Hotspot Shield!


Appreciate the share, don’t be cheap!


Working Like a Charm

Thank you Chief

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thanks for this!

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That’s Sam, it work like charm

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Thanks for the premium

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Thanks so much.

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cool… SaM…

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It’s for 1 month premium but still good :raised_hands:

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Thanks for the VPN. It’s working flawlessly.

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thanks it worked!!!

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Thank you so much, definitely needed this!!

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thanx for share it

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  • The VPN that we will be registering for is Hotspot Shield.

  • You need a Ukraine IP to register for the unlimited, so get on a Ukraine server on another VPN.

  • Once you are connected, go to the promotional link here to sign up for unlimited https://hotspotshiel…e1-b9a05d18bd18

  • After you are signed up, you will get unlimited access to VPN and don’t have to worry about paying for a VPN subscription again!


Appreciate the share & feedback!


connected with Ukraine kiev
I got basic subscription after sign up

Received Basic Plan : Ukraine IP connected through AMAN VPN :frowning_face:


Received a basic plan

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I think it will work just we need to keep patience. Thanks sam.

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Its BASIC Now.

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Sorry guys but this is what i’ve found in the Hotspot Shield official website regarding this offer.

The offer is discontinued now. Please correct me if im wrong but u guys can check this at their website.