[Giveaway] Get Shaw Academy 4 Weeks Trial For Free

What is the use of shaw academy ?

Shaw Academy offers courses focused on developing practical skills and popular subjects include Music, Photography, Language, Fitness, Financial Trading, Digital Marketing, Nutrition, Mobile App development, Web Designing and many more

How to get 4 weeks trial ?

To get 4 weeks Trial Visit here

Proof of account :

No CC Required

Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


Guys, never link your own personal card on Shaw academy.

My first hand experience with Shaw Academy, extremely hard to cancel the subscription should you wish not to pursue the courses or extend the subscription. They will have you call the automated caller ID, go over a sequence of steps that takes about 15 minutes, throw some amazing deals on call to keep you in as a member, and finally, you cancel their membership and they do not even send a confirmation email. Be ready to be surprised to see the charge on your credit card even after you have expressed your interest and taken all the steps to cancel the subscription. You can dispute the transaction, since they do not send any email proof for confirmation, your dispute will be declined with no solid proof. In my case, I could NOT get the refund, I have to email SHAW ACADEMY explaining the case and finally, someone from their customer team will have to respond confirming the cancellation.

This company does not care about you at all. All they want is your money. Please avoid this company unless you want to be bombarded with sales and to deal with the most uncaring, difficult customer service out there.

I truly believe they are some great platforms that will be easier to work with, please do not waste your time and money here unless you find an exceptional course for a great value that you do not want to miss out on.

Happy Learning!


Totally agree with Lorne as Shaw Academy will never let you cancel the subscription and they eventually charge you and you also donโ€™t have options to remove the payment method you have added. I would suggest if you have a virtual card then use that for the trial so that if they donโ€™t let your subscription cancel then it should not be charged to you.

Also there are other ways to get you learning skills without having that much hassle.

Happy Learning !!!


You know you can block a company from charging your credit card by calling the financial institute.


I agree with @aidatainside :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to add one thing here in this giveaway NO Card Required.

For Email and phone number you can fill random info, i have not received any verification sms or email.

Thank you for sharing this, I should give a try on this

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