[GiveAway] Get a Domain for 2 Years + Hosting + Template!

I have good news for all your users to get a domain for 2yr + hosting + template!


1 ) https://www.jimdo.com/de/
3) fill out all the form with fake-it.ws
2) buy 39/Month
4) and payment option select the default which something like SEPA, enter IBAN from fake-it.ws, and set up everything like a template, then try for domain


Use country Germany or IP Germany (i’m little confused when payment opt doesnt show & where country using IBAN for payment? cz u dont give the information). but thx


It’s best to use a Germany IP address, because that makes the “Country” section “Germany” by default. Since Germany as a country allows IBAN as a payment option, you’ll see it pop up next to the Credit Card option while paying, and that is another reason to use a Germany IP address from a VPN.


Thank you, working like a charme.


Your account is usually debited approximately 5 days later.
The order isn’t confirmed yet.
Will inform after 5 days later.


Website link is down. ( Site Can’t be reached.)
Lol, I guess when our community started banging them they found the glitch and puased everything to check what’s happening.
Well congrats to those who got hands on first.
I’m always late :frowning:


Got it for now. Usually the IBAN Payment gets verified in 2-5 Business days.

Will wait and see it they catch it or not. If not then it will be fun.

@Syed_Fazal_Hassan the website is not down. It is working.


it is still working maybe something u did wrong
but we wait for verification


It’s Working Bro.


Looking forward to hear about your test :slight_smile:

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what is the pin code asking in bank details?

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UPDATE: For those of you who are still confused, here are some detailed steps to follow. I just checked to see if the site is still up, and yes, it is. I can log into an account I made earlier. I witnessed the error page encountered while signing up a while ago, and it’s not happening right now, so I’m gonna go ahead and create another account so you guys can see the necessary steps.

  1. Use a VPN to get a Germany IP Address. If you want sure results, this rule is a must-follow.
  2. Go to https://www.jimdo.com/de and choose the log in button to sign up using the mail generated from a Germany https://fake-it.ws profile.
  3. Go to the Mailgen Mailbox to confirm the email, and return to the link in step 2. You will be logged in, so choose the “Pricing” tab and select the left-most plan.
  4. Fill out the relevant details, choose the 2 year plan, and if you’re on a German IP, you will see this:

    Choose the Direct Debit option.
  5. Move to the next step in payment and proceed to checkout. Scroll down to the “Financial Details” section of the fake-it profile page, and copy and paste the Bank Name to the “Account Holder field” and IBAN as it is to its field. Click on “Order Now”. You will see this screen:

You will even get the email justifying a successful payment. I just followed these steps, and instantly received the Unlimited Plan access. So, I can vouch it is still working normally.

If you are getting a different result, please consider following the above steps carefully, again, and don’t spam the discussion board.

Peace! :v:


Here is the SS which shows I am to connected Germany.

this one shows I am unable to reach the site.

@bowbow7 It is not that complex which I can’t understand.
I have tried Clearing cache.
@BadFella Can you suggest any other Country which allows Direct Debit payment mode.

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Stream account:


@TheJoker - Never share any accounts directly at an open thread, as leechers will get all the accounts banned very quickly! The best way is to share them is, via PM manually, with the right Instructions to use, if there is any!


Worked with Nord VPN - Germany
Now is hard for me to find an use for it. Can’t use any personal data and this limits things.
Any ideas how to benefit from this great gem ?


Purchase was successfull

But in the end it said “You need to verify … with name.com within 14 days”

Whats that about ?

United Kingdom (London VPN via NordVPN) gives you the option for IBAN. Maybe try that. @Syed_Fazal_Hassan

If not then, let me know I’ll create on account for you. It will only be worth it if I don’t get any email saying that payment has been failed or something. That’s normally the case with these IBAN’s.

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Was it during the payment for the ultimate plan or did you buy a domain as well?

after buying everything and publishing my domain
I got an email from name.com for verification, I then verified.
I hope they just needed Email Verification

Also there is no cpanel, File Manager, and such :sweat_smile:

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JIMDO does not have CPanel

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