[Giveaway] Free Onedrive 5TB

Theh launched a free onedrive 5TB service site, just go and get one

Here it is: free.stulive.com
This account is provided by free.stulive.com for free use forever. We hope everyone can be safe and jointly resist COVID-19.



stulive is alive a year later! awesome! thanks!

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Oh damn. It Worked.


No doubt, This shit does work & stops (I guess, later on)

NOTE: Be careful with your personal files, avoid keeping them on the cloud! Cheers


good news. sending emails is blocked, which means no spam and a longer life. gg


This shit worked. Thanks for sharing.

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How about Office license? will i be able to get office desktop app license with this?

It’s not free. It’s mentioned in the site.


This works brilliantly, thank you so so much



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What is this? We can not buy on stulive.com?

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someone ratted out these guys to Microsoft last year.
btw, these guys also provide the following PAID services:

Our main site (Only for office365 desktop activation): stulive.com
Office365 & Onedrive 5TB (Stable lifetime A1Plus account) visit: vip.stulive.com
Office 365 & Win10 Enterprise & Onedrive 5TB(lifetime A3 account) visit: svip.stulive.com
Unlimited google drive storage account, view: gsuite.stulive.com
Lifetime google Team (Shared) Drive with unlimited storage, view: team.stulive.com

I would exercise caution and NOT include personal information in any data I store.
I would also configure rclone to mirror my files from OneDrive to Google Drive, just in case.


About “NOT include personal information in any data I store” i think nothing changes if someone ratted out these guys to microsoft. That post is also old and nothing is happened to stulive site and similar. I mean there is no way to worry about.

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This is totally free giving, we are not responsible for data and no support for the account. Suggest not upload important files and make multiple backups. Please use it reasonably

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Thank You Bro!

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works.thank you.

no, you can’t use it for mail, mail is disabled.

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Thanks a lot. This is really helpful after Google Photos has terminated its free storage.

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Thanks, great! (I guess this ends someone’s business at the same time :wink:)

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