[Giveaway] FREE Lifetime Forever Cloud Hosting With custom domain

Hi everyone!
This is time to share back with the community. I’ve been using this Cloud service from past like 13 to 14 months and never had any issue with them and it comes with following free features.


  2. Unlimited Landing Pages
  3. Unlimited Websites
  4. Blogging Functionality
  5. Unlimited External Popups
  6. 1 Sub Account
  7. Leads & Team Members
  8. ~ 50,000 Visits Monthly
  9. SSL Included
  10. Basic CDN
  11. 5 Publishing Options

And this nothing other than Brizy Cloud

Hope It will help.


@rawal Awesome site! thanks for sharing…

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One Important feature I forget to mention is that you can export / publish unlimited number of projects in variety of different ways like Publish on a custom domain, subdomain OR to Github pages, on your own server and even export as HTML template.

Also now they offer custom field plugin integration in their cloud service.

Wish you all a good startup. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks bro! :relaxed:

many thanks

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Hi @rawal
Thank you very much for sharing
This will be very usefull for all.

Pleasure is all mine. Onehack is great community and I’ve learned lot form this.

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Excellent features and that too very very cheap, thank you @rawal for sharing it.

Do I have to create an account first?

I dont know how to thank you enough for putting this out there. you are going to be a part of the my journey into success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart brother!

Nice Post, thank you :pray:

Absolutely, You have to.

Thanks you. :+1: