[Giveaway] Free Data Science Course till April15 2020 by 365 Data Science

Hi Guys, If your interested in learning Data Science .U can enroll from below link to get Data Science course by 365 Data Science .They made it free to help people around world in midst of Corona Virus.
Here is link -

Thanks 365 data science.


Will check it out. Thanks for the share!

Yeah, I have downloaded all modules of this course :laughing: :laughing:


Can you Share me.?

How did you download it?

creating new post , let’s see if admins approve my post

someone shared it on fb

You’re incredibly awesome!! :pleading_face: please share…

@Siddharth_chaubey @edong_master @Phu_Anh_Nguyen @kornbolt @Reddy https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jYcnwwHxHaRmbLd2QBsS8jFdQsSbCMY3/view?usp=sharing


Thanks for sharing.

Sharing is loving.

A bigger thanks to @365DataScience for this altruistic effort. It takes someone with a big heart to do what you guys have done. You guys rock.
Guys we need to support them the little way we can. Going forward, I am gonna recommend you page and course to anyone who asks and is aspiring to be a data scientist.

Making me further love my dream of being a data scientist more and more. :ok_hand: :pray: :clap:

Data Scientists - We Lead, They Follow


… And Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable.

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@Rajan_Panchal oooof! :stuck_out_tongue: Gratitude for the amazing share !

Stay safe!

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Sir, Link isn’t working…
can you share some alternative…
very oftenly looking for this program…

thank you dude

hey are there any videos saved or only jupyter notebook? I would love the videos too, they explain realy well

Thanks for the link @Rajan_Panchal. Google drive says download quota exceeded. Please if anyone already downloaded, extract and share the link to individual courses so we can avoid congestion on a single link and help others download only courses which interest them

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Add file to your’s Google Drive. Then Create a Copy File.
=> Then Download the Copy’s file., => Done.

Same thing.

Please @Rajan_Panchal me too I got the problem of download limitation, please can you share the file in a great folder with all the courses separately, so that we can download courses per courses.
Your file is 30 Giga bites after 2 Giga bites drive don’t allow the dwnld to continue
thank in advance,

I did that already but it didn’t work. I am even only able to add a shortcut of the file to my google drive and even after creating a copy of the shortcut, I’m not still able to download from the copy, download quota error persists

if Somebody already downloaded the file, can they put it on, Mega? cuz we’re facing a download problem limitation with G.drive

Or is there a solution to download directly on our Drive using a Google Colab Script ?

FYA @SaM, @dydx,

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