[Giveaway] Folder Marker Home | Lifetime License


Folder Marker Home helps you change the colors and images icon for folders in Windows with just one click. By this customizing, you will easily search and categorize personal documents.

Giveaway Details


  • You have to use the giveaway installer above.
  • Enter your registration code to register Folder Marker before the giveaway has ended.

How to get

Go to the giveaway page. Sign up to our newsletter to get the key for Folder Marker Home.


  • Make your own menu with your own icons
  • Make customized folder distributable
  • Apply selected icon to all subfolders
  • 36 icons of normal, dark and light colors for folder
  • Mark folders by priority (high, normal, low)
  • User Icons tab



This software can be useful for the organization of my folders.

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The process to get the license key:-

Visit the Link

Enter your email address, name, and agree to the terms. You will receive an email containing a confirmation link. As you confirm you will again receive an email containing the license key and download link. You can download the software from here also.

Note:- According to giveaway conditions, this download link is available until the end of the giveaway only. So, please, download, install, and paste the key today.



Thank you so much chief.

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