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Here’s the 2019 Halloween! Ready to get dressed in the funniest or horrifying costume? WonderFox is ready to offer you tons of candies! Say the magic words, and here come candies!

ExplorerMax Giveaway!

ExplorerMax is one of the WonderFox Halloween giveaway products. It is a smart and enhanced file explorer for Windows users. It features a tabbed interface, bookmarks for quick access to your favorite folders, fast search with grouped results, and so on. It offers a better experience in file management and will improve your working efficiency to the most extent. Now, please follow the steps below to get the software for free.

Step 1, Download ExplorerMax here and then install it to your PC.

Step 2, launch it, and then register it with the license code:

⦁ This software can be used for 1 year on 1 PC once it is registered.
⦁ This code is valid until Oct 27th, 2019.
⦁ This code can be used for 2000 persons. Get it as soon as possible!

Step 3, Enjoy the full features.



Now, ExplorerMax has been updated from to Far more powerful and useful than before.

Download URL: https://explorermax.drivethelife.com/download/explorermax.exe

Key Features;

  1. Tabs - Tabs let you keep multiple folders open and switch between them quickly.
  2. Quick Search - Search the files from your system or specific disk. And it’s returning the results in groups / Categories clearly.
  3. Bookmarks - Keep your favorite files or folders quickly accessible through bookmarks.
  4. Timeline - Locate to your file-managing history and recent files efficiently.
  5. Skin - Light or dark mode is available.
  6. The function of batch rename, file compression, and extraction will be available this week!
    It offers a 30-day free trial without any restrictions.

For more tips and tricks, you can visit: https://explorermax.drivethelife.com/tips.html


Super recommended. Be sure to try it out,as its timeline,make mine work quickly

Step 1. Download ExplorerMax Pro installer: ExplorerMax_1111_2.0.3.30.exe

Step 2. Install the software on your computer.

Just enter the key to activate Pro and bind your email. Use the below license code:

ExplorerMax License Key

License key: B5C52-D48FB-B39DF-29FDE-4F01A

  • This software can be used for 6 months
  • Free updates and free technical support
  • Get it as soon as possible.
  • Register before May 11, 2023 08:00 GMT+0

Enjoy! :heart:

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