[Giveaway] ByteScout Screen Capturing | Lifetime License


Bytescout Screen Capturing allows you to easily capture full screen, the region around the mouse cursor or selected rectangular area then save the video to AVI file.

Giveaway details

Terms of the offer

Giveaway version

  • No free upgrades to future versions
  • No free technical support
  • Strictly non-commercial usage
  • Source giveawayoftheday


Download and install ByteScout Screen Capturing on your computer.
Open this program then register it by your name and the following license code.

Feature Highlights

  • Record entire screen, region or dynamic region around the mouse
  • The mouse cursor can be recorded and highlighted with a hot spot
  • Supports audio recording including the live recording from a microphone
  • Supports different video compression modes

ENJOY! :+1:



Download: ScreenCapturing-
Registration name: Screen Capturing Business License
License Key: A56B-8B20-AA70-A91A-A73
License Key: 5209-6CB7-56F2-5595-6F1

Enjoy :heart:

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