[Giveaway] Bitrot Detector License Key For Free


Bitrot Detector periodically scans your files and warns you of potentially undesirable changes (deletions and modifications). Such changes can be detected while there’s still time to restore the original file from your file and/or disk backups. Bitrot Detector is an ideal complement to your backup system, regardless of the system you use.

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Terms of the offer

Giveaway version

  • Personal use only
  • No free updates
  • No free tech support


Run the installer to install Bitrot Detector on your computer. Enter the following registration code to activate it to the full version.

Feature Highlights

  • Periodically scans your computer’s folders (all of them or the ones you select)
  • Generates fingerprints for each file’s contents (256-bit SHA-2 hashes)
  • Detects changes made to your files since the last scan
  • Lets you review changed files, and take note of changes that need to be dealt with
  • Helps you identify and recover from hard-to-notice data loss