[Giveaway] Avast Premier Security for [2-Years]

Download Avast from here =>


Licence from here =>


Nice share

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How do you activate the License?
Installed Avast and .avastlic file but still being promted to upgrade

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  • Uninstall the Previous Version Completely With Avast Removal Tool
  • Install Avast! Premier Setup
  • Menu > My licenses > Enter a valid activation code > Use a license file and choose “lic.avastlic”
  • Done! Enjoy

(Only Windows Operating System) Maybe you’re using Linux or Mac. It won’t work!

@dydx You better add Instruction while your copy/paste from others instead of just adding links here with mentioning the source. And btw, It was posted earlier than 21st September on the Original source and after over 30 resources have copied it, I know those places from the decades, the first title leaks as 2045 than 2048 and the Original license file name was ‘‘14-12-2023_IS_-_2020PR.avastlic’’ anyways, I still like the post.


Pasted file in the Avast Content Folder still being prompted to upgrade.
Don’t think it’s working.

(Only Windows Operating System) It won’t work on Mac/Linux!


Thank you @dydx!
Thanks captain @SaM!

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Thanks it worked Great for me :slight_smile:

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Thanks. :grinning:

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