[Giveaway] Answer sheet of course Introduction to Information Security

Please read questions before selecting answers. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great Learning

Introduction to Information Security Answers Sheet.txt (6.0 KB)


Answers are correct and work, however you must watch the videos in the course to get certificate. If you do not want to stick in front of the screen all the time, start the video and take it background. :slight_smile:


:frowning: I’m not able to attempt the exam. I have gone through all the video lessons twice. Is there any other way to attempt the exam?

its still telling finish the learning videos

Upload screen shot bro…

It is strange as I attempted to the exam even before watch the videos and then I watched videos.

I can confirm the same happens to me. After watching all the videos (not fast forwarding) on the background, the Test appears with the lock icon as well :lock:

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It looks that you still have 4 minutes from the video β€œWhat is the future of …”, and 1 hour from the video β€œβ€¦ Security Lesson 1”, and again 1 hour from the video β€œβ€¦ Security Lesson 2”. Watch the videos completely, please. No fast track. The video can play in the background.
As a sample to show that I got the certificate;

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