[Giveaway] Accent PDF Password Recovery | FREE 1 Year Licence

Accent PDF Password Recovery 20.09 The best solution to search for lost passwords of any Adobe PDF files.

This is not a miracle. This is the best solution to search for lost passwords of any Adobe PDF files. Accent PDF Password Recovery instantly deletes “Permissions password” (Master password) and recovers “Document open password” (User password) at the maximum speed of your computer.

In addition to three types of password attacks and high speed of searching PDF passwords, the program offers versatile range customization options.

Features and Benefits of Accent PDF Password Recovery:

  • Brute force with extended mask attack;
  • Brute-force attack with combinations and mutations of words.

All these features increase the chances of succeeding at recovery of any PDF passwords, as you don’t need magic to recover access to files with strong protection.
Only a well-optimized range of possible passwords. Only high speed of brute force attack. Only Accent PDF Password Recovery!
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I cannot find out for how long this lasts.
Is this just a trial please?


Step 1. Download the installer –> Download for Windows x64 = Download for Windows x86

Step 2. Enter the below registry key to start the installation of the full version on your computer:

Registration key


Step 3. Enter your email address then click Next/Get activation key automatically/Activate to activate the software

Step 4. Now you can enjoy Accent PDF Password Recovery with full features!


  • This is the 1-year license for Accent PDF Password Recovery 20.09
  • Free update for 1-year
  • No free tech support.

Enjoy & Happy Learning! :+1:


Thank you!
I did download and install before asking. I just could not see any reference to time limit.
No worries :slight_smile:

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Oh dear me! So sorry! I see it now lol!
1-Year License Lol!
Couldnt see it for looking!

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