[Giveaway] 6 Months Dropbox 25GB Free For Pixlr Customers

Hello Guys , this is my first post in this forum.
I just found out below method on the web and I want to share here.

Pixlr is giving it’s customers 25GB Dropbox storage free for 6 Months.

  • Login/Create your dropbox basic accout.
  • Open new browser tab and visit to Pixlr - https://pixlr.com/
  • Click > Open Pixlr Editor.
  • You will see the option to redeem 25 GB of dropbox storage.


Thank you. I will try this… :slight_smile:

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What will happen to my stored data on dropbox after 6 months? :sweat_smile:


Thank you so much! working awesome.


I think they don’t delete your data. If you got over the free plan (e.g. after 6 months you’ve used 22GB of the 25GB), you won’t be able to upload new files, but you’ll be able to download the existing ones. :slight_smile:


It is giving the same code for all the accounts. Any one tried?

hi For_PublicUse
Thank your very much
work like a charm

worked liike a charm

Great. Any other way as only one code is accepted in one account

Works fine. Thanks Bro. Nice share !