[Giveaway] 200 traffic points from Traffic-Engine.com

I am sharing because the quality of traffic provided by this website is very good. Don’t use it for Adsense but for a better placement in Search engines.
Below is the original post from Facebook. Hurry up.

Traffic Exchange System

A small gift from us for those who are with us but also for those who do not yet have an account at Traffic-Engine.com.

  • 200 traffic points = 200 visits to your website -

In order to benefit from the offer, you must log in and enter the code 1QGTKBPF, on this page:



the code is expired , is traffic from that website safe for google adsense or is risky ?

They are hiding referrer, but if you get too many hits in a short time, i don’t now…
The code is valid: 1QGTKBPF

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thx for coupon , they hide referrer link only for premium membership