[Giveaway] 1Password Family Free 1 year Access | The Family’s Safe Deposit Box with a Digital Key

1Password Family - 12 month

Claim your 12-month unlimited trial for free


  • First. You need a Canva free account (Skip if you already have 1):


  • Visit the promotion page 1password.com/promo/canva/
  • Then, Email the team to verify your Canva account and redeem your first year free.
  • Enjoy!

What You get:

  • Apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS
  • Unlimited passwords, items, and 1 GB document storage
  • Friendly 24/7 email support
  • 365 day item history to restore deleted passwords
  • Includes 5 Family members
  • Travel Mode to safely cross borders
  • Two-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection
  • Share passwords, credit cards, secure notes, and more
  • Manage what family members can see and do
  • Recover accounts for locked out family members

No credit card required.


I stumbled on this on my own elsewhere, but turns out it’s already been posted :sob:

No worries, nevertheless, I can vouch that this hack is still working perfectly. Although, I was able to generate the 1password account without having to go through the process of emailing their team and having to verify my canva account, simply made mine from https://10minutemail.com/ and just needed to pass the verification is all.

Here’s the screenshot:

If you’ve got the time, please see if the shorter method checks out and update accordingly. Thanks! :pray:

For all of my other fellow members, go ahead and test it out if you can. This is a very popular and trusted password manager, and you won’t regret the decision.

Cheers! :v:

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Still Working Great… :star_struck:
Thanks for sharing…

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  1. Go to the promotion page

  2. Enter your email & click on Next

  3. Check your email inbox & get the verification code

  4. Enter the verification code in the next step

  5. Enter your name, password & click on Next

  6. Click on Create account and add card later

  7. Download the Emergency Kit PDF
    (Save this pdf file on your computer or one of your external storage devices)

Personal use only.
Free tech support is available.
Free updates are available.

License valid for: 10 Months

Enjoy! :+1:


Works. thanks!

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1Password - 6 Months Free License :

LINK : Here

(Promocode : STUDENTAC)

Terms :

  • Offer is valid only for new users
  • The subscription includes 1 GB of safe space and unlimited items.
  • The license can be used for all your devices, including computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Free updates and technical support are available during the license period.
  • If your subscription is not renewed after the free expiration date, you will be able to access, view, and export all of your data. You simply won’t be able to edit or add new items.
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Update: 6 month Licence


  1. visit this page to create 1Password account.
  2. Fill in the form and check your email for the verification letter.
  3. Place the verification code on the site and proceed to your master password creation.
  4. You may not add your card and press “Create an account and add card later”.
  5. Now you can download your Emergency Kit to be able to sign into the 1Password apps.
  6. Log into your account and download 1Password for your desktop and mobile devices.
  7. Install the apps and use your Emergency Kit info to sign into the apps.


  • No free technical support
  • No free upgrades to future versions
  • register it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over.

Old codes stopped working.

Here’s a 2 months free one:


  1. go to this promo page or directly to sign up
  2. fill out the form to create a new account
  3. confirm verification code you’ll receive at your email
  4. click add card later when asked for payment
  5. there will be a button to add the new account directly to your 1password app
  6. use local vault instead of their cloud service, use the account only to activate the app
  7. hope there will be another promotion after your 2 months run out
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Step 1. Go to the giveaway page

Enter your name and email then click on the “Create Account” button

Step 2. Check your inbox to get the verification code, fill this code into the box and click “Next”

Step 3. Create a password for your 1Password account

  • This is a 6-month license for 1Password Families
  • Non-commercial use
  • Free updates for 6-month
  • No free tech support
  • Register before this offer has ended

Enjoy! :heart: