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Hi 1hackians,

I am learning Python (1st programming language) for Machine learning (ML). In recent days, I pique interest for mobile app development and to integrate ML within existing apps. I have linux distro laptop and I love to learn Swift programming as it has inbuilt CoreML but due to non XCode I couldn’t learn/develop swift. My friend suggested me to learn react-native (I dunno JS still). I am confused all about this, wanna hear ur suggestions. Should I stick with Python with ML alone? Can I learn python with Swift/JS react at the same time? Which should I go Swift/React if I develop apps for mobile? Kindly suggest


If you want to develop only for iOS then eventualy going to xCode/swift is good.

But as youbwant to develop for multiple mobile platforms I would sugest indeed going to react-native. Then tou can develop for iOS and android.

To learn javascript you can find a number of online resources both paid and unpaid.

Code academy is a good place to start.

Also for machine learning you can check out Tensorflow

This might help you get motivated to learn javascript with machinelearning. :grin:


Thank you for taking time to reply and for the suggestion bro. Would you tell me whether a beginner in programming (python) can learn JS at the same time.?

No, you will get confused. Learn all the basics in any one programming language. Then it will become easy to jump into any other programming language.

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It’s “OK”, but learning 2 at a time will make you learn both languages 4 times slower.

Stick with one, and learn to program. These languages are fairly similar, and code-switching is easy, but you should be focusing on learning programming concepts, and not changing syntax, remembering the small nuances between the languages, learning the specifics of the quirks of each language(white-space, semi-colon placement).

You will have plenty of time in the future to learn another one with new projects, but if you take on the task of learning both of these at once, you might never stick with it to learn that.