[Give-Away] Lifetime Sizle Pro Account to Boost Sales, Marketing and Education

Introduction |
Sizle is a presentation and document platform that is offering it’s Pro account features free for users. I will be explaining how to get a lifetime sizle pro account for FREE. Usually, Sizle Pro subscription goes for 10 dollars per month or 84 dollars annually. Sizle is primarily meant for sales, marketing, and education but also has various other uses.

Features of Sizle Pro
Sizle offers the following features that make it great.

Turn presentations into conversations: it allows the building, sharing and tracking of the performance of slide decks, all within seconds.

Offers real-time open alerts: It offers real time-alerts right from the moment you click to send out your presentations. You get alerts immediately your presentations are viewed.

Get actionable insights: it offers a way of improving ones work by offering slide-by-slide viewer insights.

Ability to upload presentations in both PowerPoint (ppt) and Portable Document Format (PDF), without any hiccups with missing fonts. The presentations can also be displayed flawlessly on any device.

Ability to password protect and securely share your presentations.

No need to send attachments to mails. You can just simply share a link and get real-time insights and alerts.

Cross-device compatibility both on mobile and PC.
Ability to get user feedback through forms.

Ability to include animations, icons, texts, device mockups, various shapes and millions of images. This all serve to bring the shine out of your presentations.

How to get Lifetime Sizle Pro

Visit the Sizle website
Visit the website through the link above and sign up for an account.

Register and apply the coupon code

After registration, navigate to the upgrade subscription page and fill in the below coupon code.

Sizzle Pro Coupon Code:


Alternative Upgrade Activation Method

You can also send a mail to the CEO, Jeremy Sizle, for account upgrade using this email address: [email protected]

Hurry up! Grab the offer now and push your company sales, marketing and education in the right direction using the wonderful features offered by Sizle.

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Requires card details for using the coupon.

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Thanks @Waga. The webpage states that Card details must be entered and the coupon is for 12 months.

Once youenter the coupon code, it automatically adjusts and doesnt require the CC details again.


… And Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable

Thanks, @Waga, it still is asking for CC details even after entering coupon code, maybe issues with country ip or anything else…?

waga…If you provide a video,that will be very helpfull for us.

No! For me, cc detail is still need to fill. And also get only one month subscription that mentioned on invoice (not lifetime)

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for credit card use this bin



Thank you…valid for 1 month… :pray: :pray:

work fine thx

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ask me for card details

works like a charm… thank you soo much…it surely gonna help me a lot…

To all those saying it is asking for a CC detail or they got a month, please note that you should reach out to the coy via the email i provided. Your account will be upgraded to unlimited.


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Thanks a lot @Waga, I got reply from Sizle,

That is intended. Because you are on a ‘monthly’ Pro account, it will show that timeframe, however when May 27 comes your account will be Pro again for another month, and that will go on for an unlimited period of time.

…respect :pray: :pray: :pray:


Good to know you took the initiative. this puts the doubt to rest. Enjoy!!!


… And Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable.

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Same here.