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@Autonomous_Guy Do you know about Udemy’s credits system ?

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Not in detail. But once they gave me $20 for one suspended account. They didn’t gave me back my another account. Maybe you can get u bought a lot courses by paying Money. Not by :100: percentage free coupon …:grin::grinning::grinning:


i also got $20 in my original account that was suspended in the past but working now and i only bought one course by paying money that was also refunded later. There is another rule for credits not buying course from money.

Actually udemy provide nearly everyone $20 free credit whose account was suspended and later revive. Udemy realise that they have done unethical job by doing this. That’s why they gave that. I think there is no hard and fast rules regarding free credit. U can only get this by purchasing a lot by money.

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