[GET] Underestimated Lifetime Membership $297 by Kelly "Rich Jerk" Felix

Sales-page: http://bit.ly/2m4VIMl

To create your own account
This solution best works with Firefox:

  1. Open the link http://bit.ly/2mlvQvT
  2. Right-click, then select “inspect element”
  3. Search for “register-form”
  4. Next to “register-form”, Select and Delete the part that says “display: none;”
  5. Press “Enter” on the keyboard
  6. Close the “inspect element”
  7. Create your account and enjoy

Other way is

  • Try to paste the link below (Chrome or Firefox)
  • Hit Enter and then hit ESC just before it redirects.
  • Create your account.


Backup Mirror:


thanks works like charm

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thanks bro

Thanks @rawal

Thanks a lot! :tada::tada:

Works as mentioned, used the register-form method

Well I got it the most easiest way though. Thanks for sharing @rawal :sweat_smile:

me too. I also use the mega link. it is easier that way

its works, thanks man

Worked like a charm. BTW thumbs up for the developer of the particular website for such a silly mistake :rofl:.


I think it’s better to download from BACKUP MIRROR because if everyone creates an account it will eventually get suspicious and blocked. So download from MIRROR, rawal will update it when new videos are released.


@rawal thanx buddy <3

Thank you @rawal . Working fine. Good work. :smile:

The First Method Works Like A Charm, Thanks For This Amazing Post Bro.

Thanks for this amazing share.:slightly_smiling_face:

If new videos r uploaded ,pls keep us updated. Thanks for this

I think developer found his mistake now above method is not working any more.But we have mirror cheers :smile:

The methods no longer work but thank you for the backup mirror

What is this free we are getting , dude ?

It is not working as of recently.

This is the message I got after login through the method you mentioned.