[GET] The Best Carding Course For Free

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thank you the for awesome share.

I don’t know but, how old is this? @NoBody

Not that old, 18 to 19 between, worth it that’s why it got approved. always remember topics required approval. Good luck!


@Pawan_Kumar: Very few items have dates on them. But whenever I can find one they are around 2017-2018. I have not seen anything so far that is dated from 2019 or onwards–of course the docs could be older or newer. And I am not sure about the software. Mostly this package contains text files and software, which is handy. Sorry to say that some of the videos are tiny; 640x360 and heavily compressed. So in some cases it is impossible to see details.

In case of some key software, like Anti-Detect, only a datafilehost link is given, which seems invalid and is not working for me.

The course is only around 250 MB total and easy to download and review. For many newbies (like myself) there is a lot of very good information. Though as far as actual workings are concerned, I am not sure about that. However, for anyone wanting to start out down this road, this is a fantastic learning opportunity. Lots of good cautions mentioned to be safe when carding. It has a working link for FraudFox, which is a pretty stunning piece of software.


I appreciate your effort to clear the myths! A day gone well with you! I thank you

Great content, thx