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We are living in security era, where we are securing all our belongings under different modes of lock but it’s
different in the case of system security. We are carelessly leaving our datas and softwares unlocked. The state of
security on the internet is bad and getting worse. One reaction to this state of affairs is termed as Ethical
Hacking which attempts to increase security protection by identifying and patching known security
vulnerabilities on systems owned by other parties. As public and private organizations migrate more of their
critical functions to the Internet, criminals have more opportunity and incentive to gain access to sensitive
information through the Web application. So, Ethical hacking is an assessment to test and check an information
technology environment for possible weak links and vulnerabilities. Ethical hacking describes the process of
hacking a network in an ethical way, therefore with good intentions. This paper describes what ethical hacking
is, what it can do, an ethical hacking methodology as well as some tools which can be used for an ethical hack.

KEYWORDS: Hacking, Hacker, Ethical Hacking, Vulnerabilities, Hacker, Cracker, Security, Tools


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