[GET] Secure Ninja Red Team | Hacking | HQ Expensive Leak

Decryption Key: 93C9yi7j3gjBZdyuiGVjjA



is this a good one

Je viens de tester la cle elle ne fonctionne pas

Thanks for Info Ghislain59Dk

For those who don’t know French like me(:slight_smile:
“I just tested the key, it doesn’t work”

You sure key doesn’t work? did you test it yourself?

Please, Avoid misleading others, I know what he was saying, I did not respond because it was a spam comment. No need to translate such odd statements.

Key is working, use VPN if it’s not working for anyone.

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je vien de le tester maintenant et ça marche super bien

Personally tested key is working thanks for share

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