[GET] RDP Intel Skylake E2 (2 vCPUs, 4 GB memory) Windows 2016 Datacenter | Do It To Get It ⭐

How to get the Pack?

It’s pretty simple, do it to get it

How To Get?

  • Post x5 unique Tutorials or solve x8 help threads >>> /tag/help
  • Make sure topics do not exist here, Use the search engine and search with the title, keywords, link, so you can if anything similar exists or not.
  • Solve the help topic perfectly, no opinion/suggestion-based solutions can be counted.

What Type Of Content Not Apply Do Not Apply For Giveaway?

  • No Coupons sharing
  • No game/app/tool giveaway
  • No duplicate topics (Will cause account suspension)
  • No News or any rough article.

Once I see the topics and if they get approved if they are acceptable, you can claim the account PM me @SaM that’s all. If they get rejected, considering reading Rules and avoid investigation, not allowed.


This is a FREE vouch copy from our seller @Michael.Ehmantraut

Below is the selling thread!


Still available! :smiley:


dear sir i know how to create man in the middle attack server which bypass 2FA for websites like gmail, facebook, instagram, paypal etc. and even any custom domain. the script on is on github available but no proper guide anywhere… it consist many errors. i have modified that and with all error fix and will give step by step guide to setup and fix error and run the tool to phish accounts with 2FA. can i write the guide here… i am asking because it will take lot of time. then if you reject it will hurt a lot so asking in advance…




x5 Tuts needed, go ahead!

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