[GET] Netflix,prime video,envanto elements,Canva,skillshare and more for free

dont worry guys everything will start working. if you are unable to access something wait for their updates.

working again new update.

Working fine Just Purchase a Premium access it it work great Thank you

did you purchased premium if you did does all accounts work

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Yes, i have purchased
Netflix, prime video, skillshare and zee5 premium and all work great …

how much did you pay and how did you purchased can you share with us

just go to tools.surf login /Register and contact team by chat on website and they will guide you to purchase tell them what service you want to purchase they tell you amount and give you discount if any and you can send money by UPI . okay thank you

if you purchase it use coupon code IPL50 to get 50 % off

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I want to appreciate the efforts that have been made by the developer. I just paid for Zee5 @15rs with Paytm and I got access within 10 sec.


if i click the link this shows up should i pay now?

This hack should not cost you a penny, if your paying actual money for this, its either not working any longer or you have done something wrong.

i created account and logged in then clicked the above link
maybe they have fixed that😢

I don’t think this is working any longer. I know the creator of this hack has updated it before so maybe if you try in a few days it may be working again.

If its free TV your looking for maybe try this: Watch Any TV Show/Movie For Free | Premium Access ⭐ - #3 by ilikeyoursneaker

No to all who think it was a hack or it is patched no bro it was offer from that site but now that offer has ended. I don,t think it will start anytime soon.

Thank you for updating us UnKnOwn


They are back again.
here is link


Back again same plan.

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