[GET] More Free Team Drives for Unlimited Storage(Multiple Providers)

Hey, people!

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. If you don’t already know what a Team Drive is, or need to jog your memory, check this post on 1Hack below:

Google Teamdrives (Introductions, Features and Limitations)! A complete guide!

It is highly suggested to scan it once before you move on to the process, since Team Drives have a lot of cool features you might want to take leverage of.

Next, I want to thank fellow 1Hacker, @FlashyFlash for the Taiwan National Chung Cheng University’s Team Drive link, it was a great share.

But, if you find the API to be busted from too many requests, or just want to create another backup of your stuff somewhere else, do follow the link https://td.fastio.me/ to get another shared storage drive. Of course, since the admins will still have the power to view everything you upload, encrypted uploads are suggested. There are providers from City College of San Francisco, G Suite Education and other 3rd parties included, so you have the option to make more than one drive.

Disclaimer: I do not own or endorse the service. Please use it at your own risk.

Keep Fighting the Great Pandemic War(by staying at home :stuck_out_tongue:) and Keep Learning!

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I saw s.o post it on other group without owner credit.

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Like I’ve said in my post too, I was not the owner of the service, and I had no idea who provided it. However, @JovialH4ckr cleared up the mystery in another post. As you can see here, all due credit goes to Razor. I hope that helps clear up your belief, and if you see someone posting without due credit, please do help them realize it and rectify the error.

Good Luck!

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