Get Money in Tik Tok

Good morning people.
I’m Brazilian, and I live here in Brazil.
Currently the tiktop is giving up to 500 reais to the staff, this is real, I have already made a gain with him of 50 reais, and I managed to withdraw the money, you may need to use a VPN with the IP here so that you can benefit, or in your country you can be active too. Anyway, leave a mini tutorial on how it works.
This image illustrates my earnings today!
Let’s make money with TikTok guys.
1 Download the Tik Tok from the play store
2 Open the Tik Tok
3 Press “MY”
4 Create an account
5 Press on the golden coin
6 Enter this code: 233885651 and get 1.10
7 After that watch the videos to earn Rubens to convert into Money

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not working :frowning:

Se forçar um pouco a cabeça, com essa ideia do VPN, você vai descobrir o método por trás disso para ganhar mais dinheiro ao invés de ficar pedindo para as pessoas usarem seu código.

A ideia é ajudar e ser ajudado meu irmão.