[GET] Millions Of Scientific Papers For Free

Good day people!

This might not be useful for most, but if you’re a student searching for sources for your papers/homework or just interested in scientific literature and more this post is for you!

The first site is Library Genesis (LibGen), a file-sharing website with topics ranging from scholarly journal articles to magazines and comics, here you’ll find millions of articles, books, and more!

Then we have Sci-Hub, which is very similar to LibGen and has the same goal; “To provide mass and public access to tens of millions of research papers”, It’s advertised to have over 80 million scientific papers.

Happy learning!


Both are from same people (Russia/Kazakh) and scihub directs to libgen when available
Any alternative to scihub / libgen ? Can’t find many papers there unless it is popular

dont know if it helps but try , related site:www.xyz.xyz
and will give u related sites.
i hope it helps

Not at all, www.mit.edu redirects me to mit.edu, instead I’d prefer doing mit.edu in chrome url bar, please help with some more useful suggestions