GET Microsoft Office 365 Account For 5 Pcs Mac Win 5 TB ✔

GET Microsoft Office 365 :heavy_check_mark: Account For 5 Pcs Mac Win 5 TB :heavy_check_mark:



This is awesome!!! Thank you for this!!!


that was great thank you

It works, thank you, hope it long lasts…

It is working ! Great !!!

It’s working great!!!
thank u for this cool trick
One of the easiest method i have ever seen so far

Lovely to see this post. And it working like charm

Nice to see this post…

It works. Thanks a lot

Worked like charm
Thank you, @Gitdi_Team

How long is the subscription valid ? Is it lifetime ?

Great tutorial

@Gitdi_Team Thanks a lot.

It works for me.

Thanks very much.

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Hi !
I’m not sure if it is for lofetime because it’s school account and can be deleted by the admin. In case he doesn’t do it, your count may stay live as long the contract between the school and MS is on going…

Its been more than an hour since I created the account still OneDrive page is not loading. Is it working for you guys or is it only me? Without Onedrive even emails are not being received nor online office apps works .


@Skghd happend same with me…try reloading again…worked with charm

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Reloading every 10 mins and also changed devices. Still stuck

@Skghd i think the servers are busy…u can try later
u have already subscribed for office 365 …so setting up one drive wont be an issue
u will get your one drive account too…i think its because of traffic that servers is not being able to handle the requests

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This is mindblowing…Really you deserve a medal, mate! :smiley:

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