[GET] McAfee Endpoint Security Antivirus Evaluation with no expiration

Looks like McAfee let us Evaluate their Endpoint Security antivirus with no expiration. So you can get a Professional Antivirus for FREE, no licence key needed.

This kind of antivirus is usualy used in companies and managed from a console, in order to avoid the IT to manualy deploy de settings on each PC. The manager lets you deploy your settings remotely on all the endpoints installed in your company.

So you can just install that standalone version on your PC, it doesn’t need the manager to run. it is supposed to be an Evaluation but it as no expiration date and will work fo ever, the virus database will be updated as long as the antivirus version is supported.

You can download it straight from McAfee web site :

Select the OS in the tab
Click Download button

Or for lazy people, from this direct link for Windows OS :


How to install :

  1. unpack the bundle
  2. unpack the file : Endpoint_Security_Platform_10.7.0.1733.5_client.Zip
  3. run setupCC.exe
  4. be patient, the client will be installed, you’ll see the icon in your task bar after a few minutes.

Right click the icon in the task bar and click McAfee Endpoint Security to open the interface


Now you can set the antivirus as you like

Do the same with other CLIENT packages in the Bundle :
Firewall 10.7.0 Build 945 Package (Client).Zip
Threat Prevention 10.7.0 Build 1399 Package (Client).Zip
Web Control 10.7.0 Build 1086 Package (Client).Zip
Adaptive Threat Protection (client).Zip

Unpack and install depending on your OS X86 or 64Bit version.
IE, for the Firewall run : McAfee_Firewall_x64.msi for 64 bit version