[GET] Malwarebytes 4 Years Premium Account For $5 (Legal Way No Scam)

Things you need to get Malwarebytes 4 years premium account for $5:

  1. Students bean account
  2. .edu email
  3. Now visit: https://malwarebytes.connect.studentbeans.com/us

In the above link, we need to log in with student beans account with is verified with .edu email. On successful login, it will generate a code which will give us 4 years of Malwarebytes for $5.

Following are some of the screenshots a Student took while doing this process. Thanks! (he sent me these screenshots to clear any doubt). back then it’s tested by me.





This method for those who can afford to buy it at a cheap price for 4 Year premium.

Happy Learning & Enjoy :blush:


Thank you chief we should have better to use this instead of crack

Like who agrees me and only who can afford to buy :hugs:


Thank you @SaM, I’m really glad

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awesome totally worked

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Thank You SAM.:slightly_smiling_face:
It worked totally for me.

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@Prince_Ghosh_Chowd The process is very simple. Your studentbeans account should be verified and working with .edu email, then only the Malwarebytes student offer will work and give you the discounted code for 4 years.

I didn’t face the issue of uploading proof. I just had to add my institution name and it worked. If it says wrong email and password, may be you can use forget password option to recover it. Thanks!

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Unfortunately, I am not sure about this issue. My .edu email is different and it worked. Thanks!

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Posted Deleted. because they completely RUINED the thread’s brighten. I told many of you to avoid above statements if you don’t know how to fix anything in simple way. and instead of that you guys started making stupid posts here and there.

I think @beautifulcode has done very well by covering everything. Above, you created that .edu? Create a new one, make sure it’s verified with student beans account, both must be verified and working. that’s all.

If your .edu not accepting by them, and other members used the same service, It doesn’t make sense to you that it is your EDU fault, not Malwarebytes saying in any error. No hard feeling but I thought you should’ve to understand that when @beautifulcode first replied you.

NO NEED TO REPLY FURTHER INPUT HERE. Sort out your issue with the help of Google if required.

Thanks @SaM

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