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Good share bro,thanks for sharing but post title is misleading.


Bro your title is misleading,After reading it the first thing which came in my mind was that you are sharing some hack or offer to get all paid udemy courses,but its nothing like that.

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Thanks @neil for dropping by, your post left a alert so i’m here at mean spot.

Yes it was misleaded title, now it has been corrected. Thanks once again for heads up :+1:

@avro Please use original name of content you post here, No alternate titles, avoid making pleasing titles, And remember original title may helpful to search engine, don’t forget if you use alternate title then someone else will take original title, and then both threads sounds Duplicate. this is the basic direction for peoples that they automatically get involved into duplicate posting because they don’t know someone already posted content but content shared under alternate/different title. Anyways next time use original title of content/course you post in future. And multiple courses you can use usual and normal titles to please they are udemy paid coupons.

Good luck!


Still working !!


thanks :blush:

Thanks for sharing Bro. I really need these courses for my side job.

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