Get Images In High Quality For Preferred Dimensions | Let's Get Them In High Resolution!

As you might be aware, Google removed the ability to specify image dimensions in Google Search and replaced them with broader classifiers like Large, Medium, and Icon. If you’re someone who misses searching Google for images with custom sizes, this website would certainly come in handy.

Using the website is pretty much straightforward. You will be presented with text boxes where you can enter your preferred width and height of the image. There is a keyword text box in which you’re supposed to enter your search query. In doing so, the website will directly take you to the Google search results page.

To demonstrate, I’ve tried searching for the keyword “apple” with dimensions “750×500”. As you can see below, the website took me right to the search results containing images matching the dimensions I searched for. Cool, right?


You may also visit the dedicated 64×64, 4K, 8K, 10K, 16K pages if you’re looking for the aforesaid image dimensions. What’s more, you can also search for mobile wallpapers from here.

The website is open-source and you may look into the source code of the website here if you’re interested or you wish to contribute as the website looks like it could use a design overhaul.

Alternatively, you can always search for images with custom sizes by adding the dimensions after the search query in the format imagesize:widthxheight. For instance, if you’re looking for images of Apple in 750×500 image resolution, you could simply use “apple imagesize:750×500”. Check the below image for a better understanding.



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