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Password for rar file

Will you please, point me to a RAR file link that asking for a password? because the RAR is without password then how come it only asking a password for you, not me?

See I’m unable to open the file

You don’t need password for the zip file but the content is very very old

@Stephanie07: And those are not even the publication dates. The publication dates are much, much older. There’s stuff from 2002 and even older. This is not a “Hot List.” It’s more like a freezing cold list, with more value as a time capsule. Maybe this is just a way to make some $ from the popups or something. There’s been 234 clicks on that link so far. So if someone, bless their heart, is earning a penny a click, they are $2.34 richer.

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I was having the same problem. That one pdf is password protected, not the whole RAR. :sweat_smile:

yes , that’s the case

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