[GET] Free website hosting

500GB Bandwidth and 1 domain



hey login cotrol pannel that website say failed pls contact ?

If you are having problem with the service then contact waf.to support, they’ll resolve the issue :slightly_smiling_face:

out of stock

100 GB and no domain name at the check out. Thanks. It Refuse some free domain.

Out of Stock

It’s working. just got it now.

They’re back again with some offers… Hurry up because it finishes

It’s back now with some hosting… Run fast to grap one before it ends.

Got that, thanks

Thank you @Xxx69xxX

But domain is chargeable

Thank you it’s working :slight_smile:

I´ve always been skeptical about these free website hosting promotions. Especially, when they offer unlimited everything.


Something is always hidden behind… I use them for test only in case it goes down… I already has my personal hosting… The free one are like dev hosting… My personal ones are for production.

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Thanks man, It was much needed!

thank you. Also, how can we get this offer with a free domain @Xxx69xxX?

thanks man :kissing: :kissing: :kissing:

I’ve purchased a new domain name but they’ve suspended my free of charge service (free hosting) today. Submitted a ticket and let’s see what they’re going to say. Now the offer is EUR1/month

Hello to all and Thanks @ Xxx69xxX for this Ads :slight_smile:

I would like to give a little explanation about our services here.

The “AntiCorona Hosting” plan was a gift to everyone who was quick enough to register with us.
Despite the great offers, we have banned many because they did not respect our rules.
Such as several free plans on one acc, fake data and scam sites (paypal, amazon, banking) The purpose of the offer was to show our service to people and to demostrate our performance to them.

Open points ! :

Whoever has a free hosting plan with us will definitely have it forever, we promise!
Your data will not be misused, we promise!
As long as you use your AntiCorona plan with us it will stay online
As long as we have your constant plan will also have premium support and we will do everything you are happy!
Freenom domains will have to be “banned” but that is not an obstacle. If you had a ticket open with us, the support team would have helped you to do so despite the spell.

In the future we will often have offers for you e.g. an offshore plan is currently 100% free for the first month afterwards 2.00 €

Stay healthy, WAF.TO team :slight_smile: