Get Free Website Hosting With Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive

Want to host a basic site? You’ll most likely be happiest with an excellent low-cost webhosting. While there are lots of amazing complimentary webhosting to select from, we do not suggest that course due to the fact that complimentary webhosting has great deals of disadvantages.


  • But if your site is basic, fixed, and simply for enjoyable, there’s another alternative: hosting on a complimentary cloud storage service. Not just are cloud storage services more trusted than many complimentary webhosting, there’s nearly no knowing curve!

This short article presumes you currently have your websites prepared to go, and just covers the real procedure of making those files available online. Not there yet? Think about downloading a no-code site design template or utilizing a fixed website generator. I’ve utilized Nikola for this example.

How to Host a Website on Dropbox

Since Dropbox removed the capability to see public websites, you’ll require to utilize a web service called DropPages.

DropPages links to your Dropbox account and produces an unique app folder that you’ll be utilizing for the pages of your website. DropPages serves your websites through its own web server, and disregards whatever else in your Dropbox account.

The Pros and Cons of DropPages

Any time you make modifications to your website files, DropPages updates its own variations of them and serves them immediately. Handling your website includes absolutely nothing more than modifying the regional files in your Dropbox folder and letting them sync up.

Not just is DropPages exceptionally simple to utilize, however it features 2 complimentary subdomains for accessing your websites. This makes it simple to share your website with others, and in fact makes DropPages a feasible choice for basic websites that are more than “simply for enjoyable.”

While DropPages does have a totally free strategy, you’re restricted to 50MB of storage. When you’re simply beginning, that need to be more than enough. You can either pay for the Basic strategy or switch to a standard totally free web host if you strike that limitation.

How to Set Up DropPages

First, go to DropPages. Click Sign In to check in to Dropbox, then grant consent for DropPages to access your Dropbox account by clicking Allow.


When triggered, key in the subdomain you wish to utilize for your website and tack at the end. For instance, I developed my website utilizing (which you can utilize to see my demonstration website).

This produces a brand-new folder in your Dropbox account situated at Dropbox/Apps/My. DropPages. Inside that brand-new folder, you’ll see 3 subfolders:


The primary one you must appreciate is Content, which is where your HTML goes. Put those in the Public folder if you have any CSS, JS, or image files. Design templates can be securely disregarded unless you mean to utilize DropPages’ templating system.

Upload your site into the suitable folders and after that await it to sync with both Dropbox and DropPages. If you wish to speed things up or if it isn’t upgrading, you can go to your DropPages control panel and click Publish Now or Reset Sync.

Now visit your domain in a web internet browser and you ought to see your website:


How to Host a Website on Google Drive or OneDrive

Since Google Drive and OneDrive do not have integrated methods to host sites, you’ll require to utilize a totally free service called DriveToWeb.

DriveToWeb links to your Google Drive or OneDrive account, tries to find any openly available HTML possessions and pages, then takes those files and serves them through its own web server.

The Pros and Cons of DriveToWeb

What’s good is that at any time a file modifications, DriveToWeb immediately captures it and updates itself. Wish to fine-tune the text on a page? Simply modify and conserve your variation of the file on Google Drive or OneDrive and the web variation will match. You do not need to by hand re-upload or force DriveToWeb to re-scan your drive.

DriveToWeb is very simple to establish. You can be prepared in 3 minutes.

The disadvantage? An awful web address. DriveToWeb produces a randomized, confidential identifier for accessing your website (mine is “vtqelxl5bdrpuxmezsyl9w”). This safeguards you so visitors will not see your account name, however makes sharing hard. The only individuals who’ll see your website are the ones you straight share the URL with.

How to Set Up DriveToWeb

First, make certain your site is published to Google Drive or OneDrive which all of the files are correctly arranged. Attempt seeing the website in your area in a web internet browser to guarantee it looks how you desire it to search the web.


Then, mark the site folder as openly viewable:

  • Google Drive: Go to, browse to the folder, right-click on it, and choose Share. Click Advanced at the bottom right. Beside “Private – Only you can access,” click Change and choose “On – Public online,” then conserve.
  • OneDrive: Go to, browse to the folder, right-click on it, and choose Share. Click Get a link. This is what makes it public. You can overlook the real link, which we will not be utilizing.

Now that your site is public, check out DriveToWeb and click whichever cloud storage service you’re utilizing: Google Drive or OneDrive.


When triggered for approvals, approve them. This is needed for DriveToWeb to discover which HTML possessions and files are openly offered.

Once allowed, DriveToWeb will invest a couple of seconds trying to find those files and transforming them into pages available on the internet, then show a list of all the pages that were transformed:


Congrats! Your website is now online :partying_face:


Other Ways to Build and Host a Free Website

We’ve used a contrast of Bluehost and HostGator, if you require other choices. You may likewise attempt establishing a WAMP server or utilizing Blogger with a customized domain. And did you understand that you can host a site on a Raspberry Pi?


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