[GET] Free Unlimited Web Hosting for 2 months

Apply coupon on any of the plans to get it free for 2 months
Website: Cybrancee
Use coupon: AlphastarRewardFREEN1


Code works and the service is great! :slight_smile:

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Really great web hosting, loved it!

It depends on the plan you pick, suppose you picked the Expansion pack, you would get 2 months free and after that you will be charged 3.49 euros each month.
You can downgrade to the Free plan too after the trial ends if you want.


Where to apply coupon code? can you help me out?

Code still works fine, you apply it at checkout.

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Well I am a web developer,
Easy to set up, Friendly customer support and guess what I just got the free 2 months
Would definitely recommend Cybrancee

its not working. I tried using this promo and its required credit card. after i give it from nameso gen , it declined card informations. Any method to bypass this issue?

Well it works if you do it a legit. You’re probably getting flagged for fraud

got hosting but
where to get nameserver? for domain?

Is the free tier of cybrancee good? to a single page site? its not gonna get much visitors

Yeah, will work perfectly for a 1 page. If you ever need to expand, then expansion works really well. Hope that helps!