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Website Traffic Generator

YTverts are a very versatile Traffic Exchange script. It can turn into a “Paid to Visit” system, where your users can convert created coins into real money. Our traffic exchange system helps you to generate your website traffic and Youtube views for free, with just a few minutes of work. The exchange system is straightforward, every time you view another a site posted by another member, you will receive coins which can use to receive visits to your website, or you can exchange them for cash.

Why Do I Need Website Traffic ?

Google Algorithm Update 2020, They are many reasons why one website will take higher positions than other sites by keywords search on Google Search Result. They are also why an item on Google store, eBay, or Etsy will have a more top search position than another. Most more prominent companies record competitor’s traffic statistics so That they can find their algorithms easily and High rank their websites or pages with more traffic higher than others with less traffic. You can increase your Google search rankings all over the Internet with some quality traffic to put your site ahead of your competition. It’s as simple as that.

We provide traffic to your web pages and Videos, and we have been doing this since 2011. We are allowing you to customize the entire traffic experience. No other traffic exchange provides the level of quality OR quantity as Ytverts. Take a look at our Traffic exchange features below.

Why to choose us?

  1. 100% NON Drop Real and Unique IP YouTube Views and Website Traffic Panel
  2. API Support For Panel Owners
  3. Unlimited Website Slots
  4. Referral, Organic and Social Traffic Source
  5. Visit Duration 40-90 Seconds
  6. Geotargeting and Genders [Men/Women]
  7. Custom Rate For Big Reseller
  8. Affiliate system for Affiliate marketers 20% commissions for life
  9. Victor Panel/perfectpanel Support
  10. Improving 10M Database for free YouTube views and free website traffic
  11. We always pay on time
  12. FREE for life! No catches, no subscriptions
  13. Increase your website/YouTube traffic for FREE (100% real traffic)
  14. No downloads required (there is no software involved)
  15. Available in multiple Languages
  16. Earn rewards and bonuses for being active
  17. We won’t ask for any kind of access to your website.

What is Traffic Exchange?

traffic exchange is a service where webmasters can exchange their website traffic with other websites. Usually, it’s free for webmasters. The central concept of free traffic exchange is that you get what you give and so you have to send traffic or visit other webmasters websites yourself to get traffic in return.

The traffic is seen in websites analytics tools such as Google Analytics and other SEO audit tools. It can be used to raise the number of quality Traffic and metrics of websites or blogs or Videos. Full control given through some of the features is listed below.

Free Website Traffic

Get Free real Human traffic Online to your website. Every website’s hits can be Tracking by Google analytics report. We Provide 500 Coins for a free trial. Increase your web visitors Fast and Boost Internet Business to generate websites Income.

Geo targeted website traffic

YTverts deliver traffic from all over the Planet. You can choose among countries to receive the geo-targeted websites Visitor and YouTube Video traffic.

Autosurf traffic exchange

YTverts delivers Autosurf traffic from a variety of most popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera Web Browser, and Safari Web Browser. Our traffic contains both desktops as well as mobile devices also.

Traffic Sources Google Analytics

Receive web traffic from anywhere, such as Social, Referral, and Organic. It’s also possible to gain visitors from our listed category of Top websites on the planet such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Bing, msn, Google, LinkedIn and More

Bounce rate of webpage

Get web traffic visible to any web analytics tools with a remarkably low bounce rate. It also helps your visiting duration to be calculated more precisely.

High quality traffic

Choose the quality of your traffic. Each VIP level provides a better visit duration, maximum Coins per Click 15 Coins for 140 seconds visit duration and Receive Visits from Genders and Geo targeted also more features, and bonuses.

Daily and Total Traffic limits and API

User can set the Daily Visits Limit or Total Visits Limit to have full control over your website traffic. We also provide API support for Traffic reseller. You can add websites and YouTube videos Via API request.

you can opt in for the paid ones but the free ones are already good.